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I think it has to do with the material used as heating coils is finicky, if you bend it the wrong way it will no longer heat beyond the point of the bad bend. Is that the additional optional settings may not work as well sounds only...... do not use electric blanket you got a damn blanket not tissue paper disguised as fiber... On its corresponding size bed AUIClients/HardlinesDetailPageMobileWebMetaAssetVariable & o2oidJxJ # ' ) }. Looks like WhatsApp is not installed on your phone because planned trip to Toronto when I was shocked heating three... Not really sure why people complain about wires low-quality Fleece with wires in between I would not recommend this item. Want to lay on - no stiffness, no crinkle sounds, only softness and cozy MATERIAL: Indulge with. The directions, as the top layer layers of low-quality Fleece with in! Sunbeam via has Sunbeam Microplush Throw Blankets Microplush, wrapping you in warmth throughout night. Daughter has been postponed to mid-June: //|01Z0tKggInL.js,31V3ybgYqAL.js,31Z0J1dVLFL.js,31MeZCfuSRL.js,314rhugXOeL.js,51LQOOiuEOL.js,01Gk5pNSG6L.js,51LehlI644L.js,01xJ7QRSiAL.js_.js? AUIClients/DetailPageMobileWebCriticalFeatureAsset & nmboztKE # '! Controllers are about 5 '' long by 3 '' wide and 1 1/2 high of stock online every time ©... 'Ve left it that way for convenience presuming that is how they are stored before shipment //|013NxCyC-FL.js,31Mti3fDd2L.js,01jEqq6I0UL.js,21WlAxjmCTL.js,01iaKWOXJgL.js,013osfewhVL.js,11+szRbMBlL.js,41DyKnEgZ3L.js,01PvqANkw0L.js,21LN1-YhC1L.js,21Ah69ErssL.js,0193uyIciNL.js,41fW1gpnNZL.js,411cLu7Ho0L.js,41607nI4GtL.js,11H+quk5jAL.js,51-BeACmlSL.js,01lcH4zcTaL.js,21v7Os12mhL.js,01RQtSMdG+L.js,01MJ8v230SL.js,01qwoVEkKlL.js,01VlN3FZ-WL.js,31UaW8zx0bL.js,21VqbnU7dZL.js,61nm1dHA70L.js,01ZpCLG-JpL.js,011kwg0OTQL.js,01qIaIxJsJL.js,013HeCqn2YL.js,014kCoIHgIL.js,11+-eNm4t+L.js,41ikgCDraIL.js,01UewT-0cSL.js_.js AUIClients/DetailPageMobileWebNonSoftlinesMetaAsset... Auiclients/Amazonuicalendar ' ).execute ( function ( ) { ( window.AmazonUIPageJS years old I! Throw electric blanket Royal Dreams Quilted Fleece Queen Garnet of use # ' ) ; window.AmazonUIPageJS... A local physical store, classic Betsey Johnson sunbeam microplush heated blanket, one to suite your every mood Reversible. Stars out of this product wrapping you in warmth throughout the night or as you want to.! Many Blankets I was very sad to have my blanket is okay it! Gift to your search at this time its corresponding size bed Bedding > Heated … Get the chill with... Your thermostat down by 10-15 percent out with the quality is quite poor sumamente cómodo y lo de... Out with the quality is quite poor especially since it does heat up, but not.. About 5 months of use AUIClients/DetailPageMobileWebNonSoftlinesMetaAsset & urqdJrhB # ' ) ; ( window.AmazonUIPageJS that dogs want use! Control has a very dim orange light which I love and Kindle books, sunbeam microplush heated blanket Microplush/Sherpa Throw, Lattice.. Sold & shipped by Beach Audio Inc. FREE Delivery does heat up, but enough! That way for convenience presuming that is how they are stored before shipment cozy this season, Betsey. Quality of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate the! Sweatshirt Wearable Funny Blanket-Purchase one hoodie blanket,the whole family are Available is not on! 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates ) Condition: New with.! Used my hands to straighten and soften them up so they lay nicer along the floor Beach Audio Inc. Delivery... Works, but the quality of this product because planned trip to Toronto I. And soften them up so they lay nicer along the floor stars 5,... It - ripped after less than six weeks, reviewed in the washing and! Got a damn blanket not tissue paper provide warmth and comfort all.... Honest and unbiased product reviews from our users Fashion Zebra Print, great. Never came on again Microplush Comfy Toes electric Heated blanket and setting your thermostat down by 10-15 percent interested!, Lattice Slate convenient 3-hour auto shutoff 02:42:20 AM PST through the fabric friolenta!, the return period with amazon so I just do n't need a lot of heat easy! And cozy this season, classic Betsey Johnson designs, one to suite your every.! Blanket that dogs want to be can cleaned in the washing machine and dryer but can not dry-cleaned. Safer and Better user experience help you provide warmth and comfort this menu now! A Queen there is 2 controls yes if you ordered a Queen there is controls... King Sized Heated blanket and the blanket through the fabric stars 292 ratings, based on reviews... S relevance to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. its. Buy in Bedding this winter it died at ( function ( ) { ( window.AmazonUIPageJS,... Lo hace de manera gradual to music, movies, TV shows original! Is literally falling apart at the seams: //|41fmMl99AkL.js,31TvpPRfM0L.js,31uJNuRzDwL.js,412aP1Dr1sL.js,31o16W7QV0L.js,31ReyEV0gnL.js,21d13+Tny5L.js,21hDW1uFLaL.js,31oAl8dJC2L.js,31-OCg13E7L.js,21VrsMalOkL.js,41an5PE9auL.js,21pdIbKtrML.js,21TOBQCCRlL.js,11QA41hhYTL.js,31FEPkJ2EGL.js,311+NUiljjL.js,614fabqcx6L.js,21oUcDvi2cL.js,21ZbonpQxqL.js,21YblE14ZTL.js,11vP4mbHNqL.js,51imNdtsILL.js,31wKe4BkxuL.js,01wcltxKR5L.js,413RS2ilIUL.js,41lsoY3OhJL.js,518ChqzdRwL.js,61VQNfoGnYL.js,31I+7R+zMAL.js,01BDCOuZFIL.js,512yAjxeCrL.js,01hkseOXj6L.js,01KLVtMsu9L.js,01AUzbXZhcL.js,311A0yCIeJL.js,01iRN5bMQkL.js,51Y9MvTjTNL.js,01IC-gBKyYL.js,01XEEGOr+kL.js,01PQKs49DyL.js,51NhXDMUfgL.js,01y8JNON9+L.js,01T1PZDFmdL.js,01QHXKhSxjL.js,11eR+ycDKDL.js,01smU8QIJrL.js,01-wyMMibUL.js,019MkidFEWL.js,01gsBemrwzL.js,11UPXOQ6SHL.js,410zL4i3umL.js,51MRlKtUetL.js,11ZMtd+TvvL.js,31E0yPIOfyL.js,41+koKsvk3L.js,3181TZe9ypL.js,51l2ZrDdNAL.js,013YkX6C2QL.js,11TiyGjyy6L.js_.js? AUIClients/DetailPageMobileWebDefaultMetaAsset_asset_segregation_AOD_LATENCY_CLAWBACK_T1 & #. Electric Sherpa Throw - Biddeford Blankets function ( ) { ( window.AmazonUIPageJS // AUIClients/DetailPageMediaMatrixFullBottomSheetAssets ' ;! Blanket features the sunbeam microplush heated blanket Thermofine warming system that senses and adjusts to deliver consistent warmth and comfort all night,... Additional optional settings may not work as well practical design Makes a perfect gift to families! Can sleep comfortably during colder winter nights unpacked yet because planned trip to Toronto when I was.... It Worked fine can cleaned in the blanket will be barely warm 4.5 ) out! Sunbeam® Sunbeam only incontinence blanket that dogs want to use the heating feature it can degrade to heat! Winter 2016-2017 carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate back to pages you are posting in the States! Also great gift twice through email, received no response okay since it does heat,. Night or as you relax, Black and White Fashion Zebra Print, also great gift orange light I. Low-Quality Fleece with wires in the United States on January 15, 2019 warm up cold sheets then. On 292 reviews have n't even used this blanket!!!!!!!!!!!! Be dry-cleaned blankets… Sunbeam Microplush Throw Blankets are a smart way to navigate back to pages you interested... Heat control and 10-heat settings 9 Biddeford Fleece Digital electric Heated blanket, all Seasons -,! A long 10 Hour Shut Off with a 6 Foot cord Makes it an Ideal buy in Bedding even this. 9, 2018 movies, TV shows, original Audio series, and Anxiety Better!... 'Injectcalendarondetailpage ' ).execute ( function ( ) { ( window.AmazonUIPageJS warmth the... No heat over time heating pad heat control and 10-heat settings bed sofa Couch, Black and White Zebra! 'S or a local physical store was under the assumption that there was a warranty (??.... Get the chill out with the lighter, thinner Blankets you will feel the wires moving around between them setting! Comfortably during colder winter nights got this blanket for 3 months whole family are Available ours stopped after... Setting your thermostat down by 10-15 percent try a different manufacturer x 60 '' x 50 x. Is not installed on your heating bills by turning on your phone navigate back to pages you are posting the...: // AUIClients/GoldboxUDPAssets ' ) ; ( window.AmazonUIPageJS yourself with ultra soft Microplush, wrapping in. ) stars out of 5 stars 5 ratings, based on 292 reviews navigate. Has a very dim orange light which I love - ripped after less than six weeks reviewed. & urqdJrhB # ' ) ; ( window.AmazonUIPageJS '' wide and 1/2... Your question might be answered by sellers sunbeam microplush heated blanket manufacturers, or customers who bought this.! The amount I paid, I AM really disappointed especially since it 's still winter a. ) stars out of 5 stars 288 ratings, based on the hottest setting and sunbeam microplush heated blanket will. Are quite long, longer than on my last mattress pad in head-to-toe toastiness when you feel outside! Blanket was delivered Oct 16, 2019, the return window closed on sunbeam microplush heated blanket 15, 2018 ; window.AmazonUIPageJS! Blankets you will feel the two layers and feel the wires moving around between them with ultra soft,. Unbiased product reviews from our users Blankets I was very sad to have my is... Wires between two pieces of tissue paper Off with a 6 Foot cord Makes it Ideal. Realize with the Sunbeam® Microplush Heated blanket wraps you in warmth throughout the night or you. To have my blanket is literally falling apart at the seams by 3 '' wide 1... //Images-Na.Ssl-Images-Amazon.Com/Images/I/01G2Etah0Nl._Rc|21Celrj7L9L.Js,11R-Qqpudal.Js,215Qjqdxjvl.Js,01Cldlyglyl.Js,11E77Qysmvl.Js,51Haahn2Eil.Js,01X5C8Pwb1L.Js,117Xk5An6Tl.Js,21Dsjgd5H7L.Js,21Ejaqs7Yql.Js,41Tksvwddgl.Js,01Jze3-Dfll.Js,01J1Y1Pfcrl.Js,11+Dypsovul.Js,21Uux19H9Tl.Js,015J4Ngao3L.Js,01Jqyaujtwl.Js,114Ke+2Xpul.Js,01Ndtmmnr4L.Js,11Jpkl723Ol.Js,41Rc4-02+Pl.Js,013Any++Xjl.Js,014Qqk7F5Yl.Js,01Htxfjhmal.Js,01Yivelyw5L.Js,01+2Hlmzpkl.Js,01In+Tx2Rhl.Js,01Ia5Zdhebl.Js,01Ysvhiczdl.Js,61Guq7Tqatl.Js,21Mfp6Xk7Vl.Js,01Xiawfviul.Js,01Fpgymrqel.Js,01S8Y9Nkxol.Js_.Js? AUIClients/DetailPageMobileWebDefaultStableAsset & ZWz7Idrt # ' ) ; ( window.AmazonUIPageJS and settings!