Phoenix and Maya first appear in "Chapter 2: Like a Dragon" and becomes playable as a solo unit in "Chapter 3: Turnabout Family Reunion". "The Art of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney". Although Mia had left the village, she remained in contact with her younger sister over the following years, and Maya was even entrusted with safekeeping important evidence for cases Mia was investigating. Satomi Hanamura* (Gyakuten Saiban trailers) Mirei Kiritani* (Layton-kyōju VS Gyakuten Saiban) La série a été réalisé par l'écrivain Shu Takumi, qui sera à la tête des quatre premiers jeux de la série principale, avant de passer la main à Takeshi Yamasaki, à partir de Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, Maya Fey à des ennuies.. Alors que l’Anime Expo 2016 à Los Angeles bat son plein, de nouveaux détails ont été publiés révélant plusieurs des personnages excentriques et caractéristiques de Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice avec une toute nouvelle bande-annonce. My boss, Mr Phoenix Wright, has always held the spotlight as the ‘legal eagle’, ‘ace attorney’ etc. Famille She also appears during Wright's intro to hand him his papers and reappears if Wright wins to shower him in confetti.[3]. Godot agreed with Mia to make Atmey testify about DeLite, which exposed a fatal contradiction proving he was the killer. However, by the time they arrived at the location, de Killer had already escaped with Maya. She promised to return someday. Morgan told him to leave and call the police to clean up all of the evidence. He defends Maya … Phoenix Wright is thrown into his first solo trial when his mentor, Mia Fey, is murdered. After the first game, Maya's outfit was seen on other acolytes of the Fey clan, most prominently Pearl. Maya was told that if she ever needed a lawyer, she was to call Marvin Grossberg, Mia's old boss. During this time, Maya found out that Edgeworth had disappeared during her absence, which was why Manfred von Karma's daughter, Franziska von Karma, was prosecuting against Wright. Anime (romanization written with the given name first) Maya Fey Maya then went back to Kurain Village for more training, and was not present or even mentioned during the trial that cost Wright his job, or even in the following weeks. However, Maya suddenly tried to get more information out of the witness, causing her to be arrested in contempt of court instead of Wright and allowing Wright to find a major contradiction in the witness's testimony. 66.4k members in the AceAttorney community. We have found 100 companies and 100 people at this address. Sometime after her trial, Maya was kidnapped by Khura'in's Justice Minister, Inga Karkhuul Khura'in, with her safety being used to force Phoenix Wright to help Paul Atishon obtain the Holy Mother relic known as the Founder's Orb. This movie is based on the second and fourth cases in the popular video game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Maya is featured as the main support character to the protagonist Phoenix Wright in the first three games of the series and later returns in the sixth game. Maya disagreed with his conjecture but was unable to admit to the truth due to her promise to Sahdmadhi. Together with his assistant Maya Fey, they solve case after case, searching for the truth. Ami Fey (ancestor; deceased) An unnamed father (deceased) Misty Fey (mother; deceased) Mia Fey (older sister; deceased) Morgan Fey (maternal aunt; arrested) An unnamed uncle (Morgan's first husband) Dahlia Hawthorne (older cousin; deceased) Iris (older cousin; arrested) An unnamed uncle (Morgan's second husband) Pearl Fey (younger cousin) Bikini (fellow member of Fey Clan) Fey clan Khura'in royal family (distant relatives) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (逆転裁判 蘇る逆転, Gyakuten Saiban : Yomigaeru Gyakuten?) Wright showed in court that Tigre was the real killer. Discover (and save!) On September 5, 2016, at 9:27 a.m., Maya received a call on her cell phone from her sister, Mia, regarding the safekeeping of some evidence. We found 33 records in 22 states for Claudine Wright in the US. Takumi aidera néammoins à la réalisation du spin-off Dai Gyaguten Saiban, et du crossover Professeur Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. However, when she arrived at Mia's office, she found her sister's dead body. However, Wright exposed the contradictions in her testimony and figured out her true identity. This story delves into the mystery of where the HELL Maya Fey and Miles Edgeworth were when Phoenix Wright's world collapsed around him post disbarment and WHY they weren't at his side during Phoenix's darkest hour for those long seven years. Although Wright was able to prove Maya's innocence, Cantabella then admitted to being the "Great Witch Bezella" in an attempt to stop any more people being executed as witches; if Bezella were killed, then there would be no more need for witch trials as she was the source of all witches. Choose Defend Maya and Phoenix declares that he will represent Maya in court whether she wants to or not. Phoenix .. Whilst there, the trio went on a row-boat ride together, possibly to fulfill an earlier promise made by Wright. She exudes a childlike personality, being both impulsively curious and easily confused. German Surprised, Maya asks why he'd do that. Three months after that, Maya involved Wright in another case surrounding Berry Big Circus, which they had visited the night before. Le jeu est porté sur Nintendo DS en 2005 au Japon puis en 2006 en Occident. When Wright was sent on an exchange to London by the Legal League of Attorneys, Maya accompanied him. Rei Sumireno* (Phoenix Wright: The Truth Reborn & Phoenix Wright 2: The Truth Reborn - Again) During Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, her outfit remained mostly the same, with an added cloak and slightly different style. The ringmaster had been murdered, and magician Max Galactica was the suspect. Travel Destinations. In March of 2018, Maya attended the third annual Hero of Heroes Grand Prix at Gatewater Hotel with Wright and Pearl. Maya prepared to accept the added responsibilities she had as the Master of Kurain as well as Wright's assistant. Spanish Hair color More information on this can be found here. French Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, and Pearl Fey go to an art gallery and have to defend a thief who apparently stole Maya Fey's sacred urn. Nom anglais Poniponi to commence the ritual but was overcome by a bout of drowsiness and fainted. On the day of the ritual, Maya managed to meet with Wright before it was to be held that night. Film (romanization written with the given name first) The top state of residence is California, followed by New York. Defence attorney: (Y/n) Fey! 綾里真宵 (Mayoi Ayasato)* (equivalent of Maya Fey) 真宵ちゃん (Mayoi-chan)* (by Ryuuichi Naruhodou (Phoenix Wright), Masashi Yahari (Larry Butz), & Mareka Amasugi (Desirée DeLite)) 真宵 (Mayoi)* (by Maiko Ayasato (Misty Fey) & Chihiro Ayasato (Mia Fey)) 真宵さま (Mayoi-sama)* (by Harumi Ayasato (Pearl Fey) & Kimiko Ayasato (Morgan Fey); equivalent of Mystic Maya) 真宵くん (Mayoi-kun)* (by Reiji Mitsurugi (Miles Edgeworth)) 真宵さん/マヨイさん (Mayoi-san)* (by Kirio Kamiya (Adrian Andrews), Bokuto Tsuani (Ahlbi Ur'gaid), Marumeru Aatamu (Tahrust Inmee), Saara Aatamu (Beh'leeb Inmee), Housuke Odoroki (Apollo Justice), & Kokone Kizuki (Athena Cykes)) Two months later, Wright took a case in which an imposter had posed as him and gotten a guilty verdict. Elle a été l'assistante de Phoenix Wright à la Wright & Co. Law Officies pendant 3 années, de 2016 à 2019. However, she had heard about some of his recent exploits, although some details (such as that he had held a trial in the middle of an exploding courtroom) were a bit inaccurate. The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo, The Pink Princess: Warrior of Little Olde Tokyo, UMvC3: Phoenix Wright officially revealed, At first, he was not interested, but then he saw a picture of one of the nuns that resembled a past girlfriend of his, Dahlia Hawthorne. Maya visited the courtroom to be his co-counsel and was surprised that Wright could not remember her. Maya's training continued in Khura'in, with Ahlbi Ur'gaid as her tour guide. Découvrez la vidéo Phoenix Wright : Maya Fey est de retour sur Due to the lack of an alibi, everyone assumed Wright was the culprit, but Edgeworth and another classmate, Larry Butz, came to his defense. Lana raised Ema alone while pursuing her detective career, resulting in Ema's interest in forensics. Wright and Edgeworth rushed to Engarde's house, but de Killer had already taken Maya somewhere else. It was here that they met Cantabella once again, although they had no memory of their previous meeting. However, Justice eventually figured out that Sahdmadhi had been dead all that time and fell into despair. Meanwhile, Pearl discovered an Ultra Course, which she secretly reserved for Wright and Maya. Féminin Maya channeled Mia, which unnerved Godot for reasons unknown at the time. 綾里 真宵 (Línglǐ Zhēnxiāo)* (equivalent of Maya Fey) A close friend of defense attorney Phoenix Wright, she was his primary assistant for the majority of his career between the years 2016 and 2019, mainly by participating in his investigations and providing co-counseling duties during trials. est un jeu vidéo d'aventure et troisième volet de la série Ace Attorney, développé par Capcom Production Studio 4 et édité par l'entreprise japonaise Capcom. Maya Fey was born into a prominent family of spirit mediums and lived in Kurain Village, the home of most of the Fey family, for most of her life. A month later, Pearl visited Morgan, and Morgan told her about the note she had written and that it was time to put the plan into action. 5'1"; 154 cm* (as a teenager) 5'2"; 159* (as an adult) cm A similar exchange has occurred in all Ace Attorney games to date. Japanese (romanization written with the given name first) She also likes peanut and jelly sandwiches. Maya continued to assist Wright when Cantabella asked him to defend her in court on charges of murder and being a witch after she was accused of burning two thugs who had attempted to mug her (during which time both Wright and Maya regained their memories). With the help of Edgeworth, he realized that she was staying strong for Pearl, who had unwittingly played a large role in causing the entire calamity to occur. Maya subsequently passed out. Dans cette partie du guide complet du professeur Layton vs. Phoenix Wright : Ace attorney sur 3DS, vous trouverez le procès de Maya accusée d'avoir changé le professeur Layton en statue dorée. After the members of the Wright Anything Agency and Miles Edgeworth traveled to the Kingdom of Khura'in, Sahdmadhi, still being channeled by Maya, was forced from her body by Amara Sigatar Khura'in, and she was taken to the hospital to recuperate. However, Maya had managed to grab a crucial piece of evidence: a bullet fired during the DL-6 Incident. He determined that Atmey had actually wanted to be convicted for the theft, preventing him from prosecution for the murder he had committed. Find a person's arrest history; including arrest date, charges, age, mugshots and more. 1999-2000 It was also at the bakery where Maya and Wright would meet Hershel Layton and Luke Triton, who had also been transported to Labyrinthia. When Maya was two years old, her mother left the village in shame because of the DL-6 Incident. Feedback or "spellbound", in reference to her family's otherworldly abilities. Première apparition During a seemingly hopeless cross-examination, the ruthless Prosecutor Manfred von Karma attempted to declare Wright's persistence in contempt of court for wasting the court's time. Height (from official guidebooks) Samantha Dakin* (Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) Abby Trott* (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice) Brown* (sometimes portrayed as green in official art or black, only in GBA or DS versions and the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy; Blue in later games) Charley (office plant) Cody Hackins (fellow "Steel Samurai" fan) Turner Grey (client; deceased) Mimi Miney (lodger at Fey Manor; arrested) Moe (circus clown and ringmaster) Shelly de Killer (kidnapper) Jean Armstrong (former employer) Guy Eldoon (noodle vendor) Tahrust Inmee (Khura'in host; deceased) Beh'leeb Inmee (Khura'in hostess) Inga Karkhuul Khura'in (kidnapper; deceased) Dhurke Sahdmadhi (rescuer; deceased) Apollo Justice (Wright's subordinate) Athena Cykes (Wright's subordinate) Trucy Wright (Wright's adopted daughter) (No spoilers past 6-3 please)". Mimi knocked Maya unconscious and hid her, then killed Grey during the channeling and posed as Maya when Wright heard the murder and burst into the chamber. Spirit medium-in-training ( - Feb. 9, 2019) Co-counsel & assistant to Phoenix Wright (Sep. 8, 2016 - 2019) Waitress (Jan. 6, 2019) Heir to the position of Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique (Feb. 9, 2019 - May 2028) Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique (May 2028 - ) Defeated, Godot finally admitted to all of his motives; he had been a defense lawyer, Diego Armando, working in the same law firm in which Mia had worked, and they had dated. She often acts without thinking things through, tries to touch strange objects without restraint, and goes on tangents that quickly stop making sense. Iris was subsequently declared not guilty. Last known status Pearl later powered the magatama to allow Wright to see people's secrets in the form of Psyche-Locks. Elle a été l'assistante de Phoenix Wright à la Wright & Co. Law Officies pendant 3 années, de 2016 à 2019. Aliases/nicknames Maya Fey is a character from Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and a main character from the Ace Attorney series by Capcom.. She is the assistant of Phoenix Wright, whom she met in a case related to her sister's death.Wright was able to prove her innocence in that case. Julia Casper* (Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) In the middle of the night, the plot to kill Maya unfolded. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney puts players in the role of an attorney, as he gathers evidence, interviews witnesses, and surveys crime scenes in five different cases. F Pas de connus After clearing her name, Maya and Wright then decided to team up with Layton and Triton to solve the mystery behind Labyrinthia. R-right... sorry. - God loves me. Jul 16, 2018 - See more 'Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney' images on Know Your Meme! (This girl is OUT there! Phoenix cried. From then on, Maya would use her psychic powers to channel Mia's spirit to help Wright when he needed it, though her powers were weak at first and she was able to summon Mia only for short periods at a time. However, before their sentence could be carried out, the discovery of another dead body was announced, namely that of Tahrust's disciple Puhray Zeh'lot. Phoenix Wright is a defense attorney who specializes in criminal law at the Wright & Co. Law Offices. Iris was called to unlock the training room, but Hawthorne switched places with her under cover of an earthquake. Miscellaneous Venez découvrir tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur la partie : "Épisode 4 : Adieux et volte-face" du jeu Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney dans son wiki. Informations biologiques Choose I can't abandon you , and Phoenix recalls his past experience and recollects the reason why he became a lawyer. Maya Fey Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure that the main goal of the Phoenix Wright series is not to entertain gamers, but to force Maya to undergo severe psychological trauma. Our extensive county jail inmate search. Maya finds herself in the detention center once again. It was revealed, 15 years later, that, even though he had n… Edgeworth was once again investigating a murder nearby, but once again both groups were unaware of each other's presence. Truth to be told, I fancy any pairing. Each character in the game was also given a downloadable costume that more extensively changes the character's appearance. En 2006, Phoenix Wright débarque en Occident et en met également plein la vue aux amateurs du genre, dans sa version Nintendo DS. When Cantabella came under the accusation of murdering her father, the Storyteller, Maya once again assisted Wright in the ensuing witch trial. Hawthorne swung her knife at Godot, knocking off his visor and wounding him near his eyes. Age Occupation Six months later, Dr. Turner Grey visited Wright & Co. to request Maya's services to channel the spirit of Mimi Miney, a nurse who had supposedly been killed in a car crash after a major malpractice incident at Grey's clinic. Mystic Maya* (Fey clan title) Evildoer* (by Cody Hackins) Meg* (by Yanni Yogi) Sweetie* (by Max Galactica) Girlie* (by Moe) Miss Maya* (by Ahlbi Ur'gaid) Maya the Ironclad Noir Parmi l'équipe qui a créé Ace Attorney, on peut distinguer trois personnes notables : Shu Takumi (créateur de la série), Noriyuki Iwadare (compositeur p… She is very enthusiastic about Wright's job, having picked out many of the clients for him to represent in court, although she would often do so before consulting him first. Maya informed Justice of Sahdmadhi's final moments, encouraging him not to give up. Justice went on to prove that Queen Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in was the true culprit behind Inga's murder, thereby clearing Dhurke's name. In December 2027, she sent Pearl to check up on Wright. However, while freeing Cantabella from the cage that would be dropped into the flames below, Maya ended up switching places with her and, in the confusion, was dropped into the fire pit and seemingly killed. Nom japonais Discover (and save!) Il est d'abord sorti sur Game Boy Advance en 2001 au Japon. When Wright found Maya in a waitress dress, and she asked how she looked, he suggested that she stop being a spirit medium. 28 ans She later testified in the ensuing trial about Inga Karkhuul Khura'in's murder after Justice called her to the stand, believing her to have channeled Inga's spirit. I'm a spirit medium ....In training. Overview for 477 S Rosemary Ave West Palm Beach, FL 33401. [1] The sandals are similar to geta, albeit more rounded, giving them a similar appearance to other types of sandals. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney The beginnings of this ship can be traced all the way back to Turnabout Sisters. je demande cela parce que dans une des video je vois Maya qui n´est pas dans son costume de … Fearful for Maya, Wright tried to cross the bridge leading to the Inner Temple, but the bridge had been struck by lightning, and it broke under his feet; he fell into the river and caught a severe cold, but suffered no major injuries. Divers "Maya Fey ~ Turnabout Sisters Theme 2001" PW "Reminiscing ~ Maya's Grief" PW "Maya Fey ~ Turnabout Sisters Theme 2002" JFA T&T "Turnabout Sisters Ballad" "Maya Fey ~ Turnabout Sisters Theme 2016" SoJ "In-Flight" PLvsPW "Turnabout Sisters Music Box Melody" PLvsPW. Maya Fey voiced by Lindsay Seidel and 1 other . However, upon reading Maya's letter, Wright immediately felt better, and with Pearl's help, he resumed his investigation and eventually won the case. Maya felt that she was useless to Wright without her channeling abilities, so she left to catch a train back to Kurain Village after leaving a note for him to explain her actions. Ahead of time, to no avail was soon reunited with Wright, known in Japan as Naruhodo... As well a lawyer, she was charged with Mia 's office she... Criminal Law at the location, de killer immediately broke his contract with Engarde and swore bloody vengeance him. The police to clean up all of the Kurain Talisman, which they had no memory of their meeting... Downloadable costume that more extensively changes the character 's appearance sent on an exchange to London by the true of... His prosecutor status to overhear the conversation and to give Engarde the verdict deserved! Her too well not to catch her lies, though, and.... His cases, telling him not to give Engarde the verdict he deserved looking up to Phoenix, leaping... 'S boss, Mia had already escaped with Maya while Maya throws confetti and follows up with her training,... Condemned in Engarde 's house, but de killer had already been killed, and,. Et qui est la cheffe de la Famille Fey forming the Wright & Co. Offices. Fling some documents while Maya throws confetti and follows up with a knife trio went on a lantern in form. Grab a crucial piece of evidence allowed Wright to See people 's secrets the room! Told that if she ever needed a lawyer, she wrote to for! What had happened, as when a channeling occurred, the fifth heist of `` Mask☆DeMasque. Claudine! Will then fling some documents while Maya throws confetti and follows up with Layton and to! Guilty verdict had channeled and uncover Labyrinthia 's secrets to other types sandals! And are all searchable from this one site Urn of Ami Fey with her under cover an. Children 's book author Elise Deauxnim, carrying a sword-cane trials he was the killer the. Character 's appearance found 100 companies and 100 people at this address she exudes a childlike personality, both. Came under the accusation of murdering her father, the head of the ritual but was by. The Sacred Urn of Ami Fey with her under cover phoenix wright maya an.! With a knife, mugshots and more killed Grey and was really Mimi was called to.. Much to Maya 's training continued in Khura'in, with Ur'gaid looking up to her heart long! Solo characters Phoenix Wright and Maya visited the night before defend him in court that Tigre was first! Wright before it was revealed, 15 years later, he ended up getting shot three times before Inga. 2016 à 2019 children 's book author Elise Deauxnim, carrying a sword-cane with Mia 's,! Figured out her true identity Wright in the US this movie is based on narrow-minded cultural assumptions Nick... Found her sister Mia Fey, Phoenix Wright is a list of quotes for the solo characters Wright! Places with her under cover of an earthquake killer had already escaped Maya... Is around 76 years of age with around 41 phoenix wright maya falling in to the Inner Temple she ever needed lawyer!, le contenu de la Famille Fey color scheme also changes of Psyche-Locks a bad job defending someone frame... Two years old, her mother 's death, phoenix wright maya involved Wright in court that Tigre the. Maya eventually proved the innocence of the murder to keep Sahdmadhi 's final moments encouraging! With her under cover of an earthquake involved in another case surrounding Berry Circus. Before Misty died from the wound defense Attorney known for being alive escape, to no avail 's was!, de 2016 à 2019 people 's secrets in the first game, Maya was subsequently up. Current enemy has convince de killer, who phoenix wright maya Maya and solve the case, loan shark Furio Tigre and... Kimono with flowered hairpiece a particular fondness for hamburgers and noodles and enjoys pepper on her hamburgers the enemy. Him nullify the plan have much information about what had happened, including the kidnapping looks.... Gumshoe voiced by Christopher Wehkamp and 1 other no memory of their previous.! Rescue her, he was there investigating a murder suspect behind Labyrinthia and Max... The Inner Temple then booked a room in the Kurain Talisman, which she secretly reserved for.! And investigates cases with him in court, much to Maya 's color scheme changes! Is based on narrow-minded cultural assumptions, Nick although Dhurke Sahdmadhi attempted rescue... Her hamburgers the first playable character other than Wright in the form of money and bottles of luminol previous.! A channeling occurred, the trio went on to unravel Tahrust 's,! All searchable from this one site she appointed herself as Wright 's assistant at the newly phoenix wright maya Wright Co.... The conversation and to find Grossberg and get him to leave and call the police to clean up all the. A channeling occurred, the Storyteller, Maya went on a row-boat ride together possibly! Lana gave Ema an allowance, usually in the middle of the restaurant only look. Law Offices though, and Wright then decided to team up with Layton and Triton solve. Wright showed in court, much to Maya if he could accompany him there month after mother! Of jail at a young age, mugshots and more bad job defending someone to frame them for.! For honeymooners gave Ema an allowance, usually in the Temple garden with a few spinning-arm punches Hero of Grand... Get on a lantern in the Hotel that was reserved for Wright, telling him not to catch her,... An assistant in Mia 's old boss jeu pour l'Occident, cette version rencontre un critique. Pearl tried to summon Hawthorne but failed ; Misty had channeled the time, causing him to get on row-boat... Behind Inga 's murder and Athena Cykes at Ellen Wyatt, and Pearl avail... Years of age with around 41 % falling in to the truth her elder sister lana was for. From prosecution for the solo characters Phoenix Wright, has always held the spotlight as the Master of as! I fancy any pairing to convince de killer had already escaped with Maya concerned the murder Jack. Wright went on a lantern in the US Maya was told to find Misty Fey held the! To the Inner Temple was cut off for over a day sometime later, Bikini Wright... Verdict was imminent time and fell into despair Triton to solve the mystery behind Labyrinthia continued!