Pitbull Bully Mix ... 2020. Of these, it’s most common in the Australian Shepherd and Catahoula Leopard Dog. In 20 generations, I have yet to find a Pit Bull in The Hulk's pedigree. Welsh (Cardigan) Corgi. But don't let that scare you – this gentle giant, possibly the largest of his kind, is also a big softie who loves to sing and play with his entire family. Does that make him a new breed? Hulk is a dog considered the largest dog in the world. This dog just may be the world's largest Pit Bull. Being as big as 173.4 lbs and still growing, Hulk has been rightly named so! After 20 generations of breeding, it is considered a new breed. The Hulk has become a global phenomenon, he has appeared in music videos, across International Media platforms and even his very own TV Series I can't . 4. He serves as a cash cow for Dark Dynasty K9s. Hulk, the giant dog, is believed by some to be a cross between an American bulldog and a American pit bull terrier.. Not even fully grown yet at 22 months, Hulk clocked in at 175 pounds. In order for a pitbull to have merle coloring it must have a specific genetic marker: the merle gene. Purebred Pitbull Puppy. How is Merle Coloring Achieved in a Pitbull Litter. American Pit Bull Terrier. $500.00. I don't want him because he eats alot! Weight: 173.4 lbs Location: New Hampshire Hulk is the biggest Pitbull that has ever lived. Hulk the Dog was born in Florida, United States on Saturday, September 7, 2013 (Generation Z). Hulk the Dog is a Virgo and was born in The Year of the Serpent Life. She is 7 years old and is a Virgo. Hulk is four times the size of a regular Pitbull but this fact does not scare his owners, who … Owned by Marlon and Lisa Grennan, founders of Dark Dynasty K9s in New Hampshire, USA, the dog is being trained for protection services. 8 week old pitbull boxer. Only 18-months-old, Hulk weighs a hefty 175 pounds. He's also best friends with a 3-year-old boy. Great Danes. Big hulk male blue nose pitbull. If you see a picture you notice it, just notice his head with the head of the guy who adapts him notice the difference. I have searched through online pedigrees and have went back nearly 20 generations and have yet to find an American Pit Bull Terrier. Eight beautiful pit bull puppies were recently fathered by the world’s biggest pit bull, Hulk. She has had her shots and has been dewormed. Old English Sheepdog. No, of course not. Hulk pit bull puppies, if also trained to be elite protection dogs, could fetch up to $55,000 per pup. Reaching more than 2 Billion across various TV, Media and Social Media Platforms. THE OWNER of the world’s biggest pit bull, Hulk has spoken of the guilt he feels after his top training dog, Ace, was killed by two of his other dogs. Hulk fathers puppies who will grow into enormous dogs so … One of DARKDYNASTYK9S most popular YouTube videos is “Biggest bully pitbull on earth ON SCALE 173lbs 17 months THE HULK! The Hulk is not a Pit Bull. McCammon, ID. Pit bull Ace was the main “demonstration dog” at Marlon Grennan’s protection dog training company Dark Dynasty K9s (DDK9s), and famous for his acrobatic leaps through car windows and his ferocious drive. 'Hulk,' a massive 173.4lb (78.6kg) pitbull in the U.S., is a trained professional guard dog, who will heed his owners every command and protect them with his life. This little boy is a bit of a wooer and loves cuddles ... Midvale, UT.

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